The Western Finance Warranty provides an Industry leading standard coverage for your car ensuring a comprehensive range of parts and repairs are covered to ensure you have cost effective and trouble free motoring.

We offer used car warranty protection against expensive repair bills. Now you can stop worrying with our used car warranty cover.

What is a Used Car Warranty?

A Used Car Warranty is an insurance that covers you for the cost of the repairs on your vehicle. A used car warranty can be taken up on your car at any time to ensure your pride and joy is protected thus giving you peace of mind motoring.

Why have a Used Car Warranty?

Peace of mind when something goes wrong with your car, it will not just be the cost of replacing a part, there will be the diagnostic cost and the labour charge for fitting the part too. That's where we come in and why having an insured warranty cover in place is essential.

What is covered?

All mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle that have suffered from sudden mechanical failure.

What is not covered?

Components that are subject to wear and tear and would be expected to be replaced periodically during the life cycle of your car (please contact us for a definitive list)

What if I need to make a claim?

We provide a quick same day warranty authorisation with all parts and labour included in your policy. Our experts will handle any repairs you need directly with the garage, Plus, we pay the garages directly ourselves, so you're never out of pocket.

If you need to make a claim contact us here - warranty@westernfinance.com

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